John McAfee and Crypto Industry Leaders Go Again to Blockchain Cruise

John McAfee and Crypto Industry Leaders Go Again to Blockchain Cruise

John McAfee and Crypto Industry Leaders Go Again to Blockchain Cruise


April 2, 2019

After three previous successful events, the Blockchain Cruise 2019 from CoinsBank will be held for the fourth time from 9 to 13 June. The starting point of the cruise will be Barcelona, and the stops are Palma de Mallorca, Marseille, La Spezia, and Rome. The global conference will take place on the largest cruise ship Oasis of the Seas. John McAfee, the famous crypto-enthusiast, stated

In addition to John McAfee, other prominent representatives of the crypto and blockchain industries, such as Tony Weiss and Gordon Einstein, will join the speakers this year. Guests of previous cruises say

“Blockchain Cruise is an event with a unique atmosphere, where in the morning you listen to world experts such as Bobby Lee, make contacts at the exhibition, go to another city, stop, and in the evening you dance at a party with all guests and speakers under Brock Pierce who, along with McAfee, suddenly stood up at the DJ console. ”

The uniqueness of the cruise format is that each guest has enough time to get acquainted with all the participants, guests and speakers. In a joint journey, people become friends, partners – and these contacts remain for life. According to the guests of the cruise, this is the most successful format of the event, if the purpose of participation is new useful contacts in the industry and promotion of its business.

Blockchain Cruise is always accompanied by significant events related to the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. So, last time, the highlight of the event was the debate about which Mashable wrote. “It took the two crypto celebrities 37 seconds to start a dispute on a cruise ship.”

On the previous cruise, more than 30 business contracts were signed between various projects, investors and companies, such as the CoinBene Exchange Alliance and the McAfee Team. The total value of transactions is more than 50 million dollars.

Every year, Blockchain Cruise is visited by more and more guests from around the world. And this year, the organizers promise to break all the records of more guests, even more, stellar speakers, only important content and even more exciting programs. Christina Bliadze, the CoinsBank event coordinator, says

“The full potential of the blockchain technology can only be realized through an active and interacting community, which we strive to build and develop. The Blockchain Cruise format was created and is perfect for this purpose. ”

Blockchain Cruise 2019 is one of the world’s leading events on blockchain technology. The upcoming event promises to be the biggest with more than 70-star speakers and about 2500 visitors. The audience includes representatives of leading industry start-ups, managers of technology enterprises, investors, industry experts, and businessmen.

CoinsBank is a provider of blockchain services, which includes a wallet, a stock exchange and tools for operations with cryptocurrency. The company launched a series of events in 2016. The goal is to organize events of a unique format for industry professionals in order to unite them and develop constructive partnerships beyond the typical conference conditions.