From artificial intelligence to blockchain What the creators of “Star Trek” predicted

From artificial intelligence to blockchain What the creators of "Star Trek" predicted

From artificial intelligence to blockchain What the creators of “Star Trek” predicted


March 22, 2019

The first Star Trek series was released in 1966, the first film was in 1979. And filmmakers and writers could hardly assume that by 2019 their imagined technologies would not only become a reality, but also be ready to change many business processes.

“Teleport me, Scotty!” Just think how much the fictional universe transformed our real world. Phone, video, virtual reality glasses Google Glass and iPad – all these gadgets appeared in the movies or the TV series “Star Trek” long before they entered the mass market. In 2019, even more inventions from this franchise are waiting for us, and they will completely change our understanding of business processes.

In real life, artificial intelligence (AI) is much more friendly than in science fiction. Remember “I, Robot” by Isaac Asimov – you probably felt uneasy. Although the idea of AI does not belong to the “Star Trek,” Data’s character vividly demonstrates how AI works in the real world. Looking at him, it is easy to imagine how perfect the AI will fit into our life – and it will become for us the same everyday reality as for Captain James Kirk.

Today, we are at the primitive stage of development of Siri from Apple, Alexa from Amazon, unmanned vehicles, etc. This market will continue to grow and gradually penetrate into all market sectors. Technologies are improving, and we begin to perceive them differently. One day, your device’s personal assistant to the CEO of your company will be replaced by an AI device. Will it happen overnight? Hardly. But today, enterprises of different profiles have finally ceased to shun AI.

A good example is the legal field. Lawyers are already using AI to scan large amounts of documentation in search of specific information on the case. Technology saves time and improves the efficiency of the judicial system. And this is good, because the legal sphere should help in the resolution of sensitive issues – for example, who is responsible in case of an accident involving an unmanned vehicle? A completely new form of legal practice is coming, which will be closely intertwined with the world of the latest technologies.

Remember the Star Trek hunger dogs – what is not virtual reality (VR)? Today, VR comes with a cumbersome gaming headset, but very soon the scope of its use will become wider. Technology would be a real salvation, for example, in nursing homes – so that patients can have fun without the risk of injury. In business, it would be nice to arrange virtual meetings for employees and partners from anywhere in the world.

Let’s go back to the legal industry. In the courtroom, VR will also take its place of honor – it can be used to demonstrate the time of the crime or car accident. For that matter, courtrooms as such can disappear altogether. Instead, people will attend the hearing without leaving the prison, office, or home.

It can be said that “Federation loans” in Star Trek are a form of digital currency similar to bitcoins in our world. No doubt, the credits can be tracked through the network, and the model itself and the accounting system of the operations performed are generally very similar to the blockchain. Supporters of the blockchain technology can safely store and exchange data without external control and the need to contact intermediaries. Companies are already using the blockchain to reduce the cost of contracts, purchases and storage of data.

Blockch is even used in art. With its help, you can establish ownership of films or music. Pirated copies may soon become a relic of the past.

“Star Trek” predicts the emergence of high-tech new products is not the first year. 2019 will continue this chain of transformations, more and more fantastic ideas will find their place under the sun. Of course, not all at once – but somehow, many surprises await us. If everything continues in the same vein, then teleports will come to replace the planes!