ChainPoint’18 Large blockchain conference to be held in Yerevan

ChainPoint'18 Large blockchain conference to be held in Yerevan

ChainPoint’18 Large blockchain conference to be held in Yerevan


March 13, 2019

The next important blockchain conference, ChainPoint, will take place on November 14-15 in Yerevan, the innovation center of Armenia. Registration is now open at

More than 35 speakers and 350 participants from 10 industries, such as finance, technology, media, telecommunications, manufacturing, energy, and agriculture, will gather here. At the conference, it will be possible to participate in discussions and acquire new contacts, as well as get expert opinions at first hand and conclude strategic partnerships.

Outstanding crypto-thinkers, leading trendsetters, and the best industry experts will speak for two days. The program of the event includes topics such as

During ChainPoint 18, investors will find promising startups, mining companies will meet with representatives of the energy sector, entrepreneurs will discover new opportunities and markets, experts will share the latest regulatory approaches to blockchain, ICO companies will have access to fundraising opportunities, etc.

The venue of the conference will be very special – this is the Komitas Institute Museum. The erudite, performer, composer, teacher and lecturer of Komitas, as the first ethnologist of spiritual and folk Armenian music, has always been distinguished by his originality – some passages of works appeared to be from the pen of a modernist or avant-gardist.

A unique cultural program will embellish the unforgettable impressions of ChainPoint 18, helping to catch the mysticism and rich heritage of the country. Thanks to the excursions in the 2,800-year-old Yerevan and the hospitality of ethnic Armenian cuisine, the conference participants will receive another opportunity to communicate in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

Organized by the Armenian Noor Blockchain Association is a non-profit organization that unites and supports blockchain enthusiasts, experts, developers, businesses and start-ups from various fields, helping them to integrate into the global blockchain community.

Strategically focusing on four areas (community building, education, policymaking, entrepreneurship support), Noor works with government agencies, trade organizations, businesses and individuals from various industries to develop revolutionary solutions using blockchain technology.

Country For thousands of years, Armenia has been at the crossroads of cultural trends, intellectual thought, innovative research, and incredible inventions. Being in constant synchronization with world innovative developments, Armenia is creating a new wave of technological growth, paying special attention to new technologies, such as the blockchain. At the intersection of antiquity and innovation, ChainPoint 18 will lift this wave to its peak, linking the international and local blockchain community and combining the potential and ideas of world-class experts in the name of synergistic growth.