What is capable of $ 1000 in the hands of a competent investor

What is capable of $ 1000 in the hands of a competent investor

What is capable of $ 1000 in the hands of a competent investor


March 11, 2019

EXANTE expert Viktor Argonov is sure that the amount of the sum is not important – what you do with it is important. For a good investor, there are no small amounts, and a free $ 1000 can also bring profit. Especially for ihodl.com, Victor Argonov wrote a column on what to do with a small amount to become richer.

We will choose two ways innovative (but riskier) and conservative, and look at the fruits to which each of them can lead an experienced investor with $ 1000 in hand.

Despite all the differences, October 2018 is similar to October 2017. There are good reasons to believe that the bottom of the fall has already been reached – or very close. And if you put on new growth, then right now. This is supported not only by the form of graphs but also by some fundamental arguments.

Cryptocurrency loves “roller coaster”, but potentially promises huge returns, and therefore steadily attracts investors – both with large amounts and with very small.

With all the hope that the crypto market will improve, it remains risky. Diversification is our everything. The main thing is to decide which investment tools to choose from. Many investors in such situations choose exchange-traded funds (ETF). What and why?

With this small portfolio, a reasonable investor would behave the same way as with any other investment — diversify it. The part would put on fast, but risky growth – and the second invested in conservative, but also profitable tools.

We make forecasts for three months, a year and five years. In the first case, we will consider the changes in the stock market insignificant and estimate the yield only cryptocurrency.

Thus, in the worst case, the investor will lose about $ 500, and at the best will receive a profit of $ 17,000. Even a neutral, most likely scenario will bring you $ 3,000 to $ 4,000. A good argument to start investing today – even without experience, simply by investing in the above assets.

In fact, all this is a modest assessment. All of them are made on the condition that the investor is unprofessional and will keep investments on the shelf without speculating. That, however, is not prohibited.